Sarajevo Islamic Finance Summer School

Sarajevo Islamic Finance Summer School

The main aim of the Sarajevo Islamic Finance Summer School is to promote Islamic finance internationally. The target audience are students currently studying at economics or finance faculties, both at an undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as practitioners currently employed in Islamic financial institutions. These students are ideally interested in learning about Islamic finance in a week-long intensive course which covers various areas of Islamic economics. 

SIFSS welcomes lecturers from all over the world. Previous lecturers included professors from Durham Business School, the University of Bolton, the Markfield Institute of Higher Education and Universiti Utara Malaysia. Industry professionals who have presented at SIFSS include those from Kuveyt Turk bank, Bosna Bank International, International Takaful Summit in London and former Head of Product Development at the Bank of London.​

Participants of SIFSS also have the opportunity to tour Sarajevo during the summer program and  experience the beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital city. 

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SIFSS 2019

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Important Dates SIFFS 2019

Early Bird registration: 30.04.2018. (10% Discount)   

Registration due: 10.06.2018.

Payment Deadline: 10 days after you register for SIFSS

SIFSS dates: June 17 – June 20, 2019

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