Executive Program in Islamic Finance


The Executive Program in Islamic Finance is an intensive, advanced program aimed at providing individuals with a well-rounded introduction to various fields in Islamic economics and finance. The programs spans a three day period where experts in their fields present participants with the opportunity to receive a holistic Islamic finance education in a short period of time.

Epif Courses

Principles of Islamic finance

What differences and innovations does Islamic finance introduce into the global financial system and how does it fit into a conventional environment?

History and development of Islamic finance products

How has Islamic finance become a global market player and what is the framework of product development in Islamic financial institutions?

Products development in Islamic banking

How do Islamic banking principles and products look in practice to satisfy the needs of their clients and markets?

Shariah background of Islamic finance:

What are the main issues in Islamic financial implementation in conventional countries without Shariah frameworks?

Religiosity and knowledge in Islamic finance

Is religiosity important in Islamic finance and what are the expectations of clients and employees from an Islamic financial institution?

Islamic micro-finance

How do Islamic financial institutions deal with micro-businesses and the unbanked population?


What are the main Islamic finance securities and how does Islamic finance screen conventional financial instruments to decide which can be invested in?

Islamic insurance (Takaful)

What are the main principles and products of Islamic insurance and how do these institutions deal with small entrepreneurs and the financially excluded population?

Internationalisation of Islamic finance

What are the experiences of Islamic financial institution overseas and how do they conduct business internationally?