Our Story

From vision to reality

Our Mission

To promote Islamic Economics and Finance.

The European Association of Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance gathers scholars and professionals from all over the world with the aim to become a think-tank and intelligence centre in Islamic Economics and Finance. We organise conferences, workshops and educational programs yearly. We also produce different educational and informative materials for the wider masses. 

Establishing EUIEBIF

EUIEBIF began as a vision. Today it is a reality.

With increasing interest in Islamic economics and finance around the world, there was a need to start promoting it in the Southeast Europe (SEE) Region. Today, we help educate the masses about the potentials of Islamic economics and finance and their applications in today’s society

Our Core Values

EUIEBIF aims to promote Islamic economics and financing without prejudice.

  • A dedication to serving and educating others
  • A passion and enthusiasm for research and the work we do
  • A commitment to innovation and continuous improvement
  • A commitment to behave ethically
Contact Us

If you are interested in promoting Islamic finance and need a partner, materials or support, feel free to contact us.